today in history august 21

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today in history august 21

1959 – Hawaii became the 50th state. U.S. President Eisenhower also issued the order for the 50 star flag.
1923 – In Kalamazoo, Michigan, an ordinance was passed forbidding dancers from gazing into the eyes of their partner.

Today in history august 21
In this photo, members of the media are gathered next to the Mona Lisa, during an event to unveil the new lighting of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting Mona Lisa, also known as La Joconde, at the Louvre museum in Paris, Tuesday June 4, 2013. Mona Lisa is now illuminated by LED lighting. The lighting had to meet various technical specifications, but also meet the more subjective and aesthetic requirements of the museum Director and France’s Historical Monuments Committee.
Here, actress Angela Lansbury, center, poses with actor-author Harvey Fierstein, left, and composer-Lyricist Jerry Herman, Sunday, August 21, 1983 in New York at the Broadway opening party for the play “La Cage Aux Folles.” Fierstein wrote the book “La Cage Aux Folles”, and Herman authored the music and Lyrics for the Broadway musical “Mame.”

Today in history august 21
1st British unmanned drone hit on a UK citizen outside a conflict – ISIS fighter Reyaad Khan in Raqqa, Syria
After 108 years a “message in a bottle” put in the sea by UK Marine Biological Association is announced found on a beach in Amrum, Germany

Today in history august 21
2008 Striker Carli Lloyd scores in extra time as the United States beat Brazil 1-0 to take the women’s Football Gold Medal at the Beijing Olympics
1968 Warsaw Pact forces complete their invasion of Czechoslovakia by arresting the Czech leader Alexander Dubček and forcing him to sign the Moscow Protocols
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The first of a series of debates begins between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. Douglas goes on to win the Senate seat in November, but Lincoln gains national visibility for the first time.
U.S. Marines turn back the first major Japanese ground attack on Guadalcanal in the Battle of Tenaru.