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How will you spend your extra day in 2020? So. what are you planning to do with your extra day? In case you hadn’t already made plans, 2020 is one of those years which includes a February 29 on

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“Because this quadrennial adjustment overshoots its goal by approximately 0.0078 of one day, the calendar ‘skips’ the quadrennial adjustment at the turn of each century.
And, apparently there is a little bit more to a leap year than yours truly remembered. For example, did you know a year that is evenly divisible by 100 is not a leap year unless it also is evenly divisible by 400?

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1919 rendering of the Lenox Public Library from House Beautiful magazine. 2
A beautiful example of Greek Revival architecture, the public library of Lenox, Massachusetts moved into the former Berkshire County Courthouse in 1874. For a time starting in the 1890s, the building also housed the town’s only doctor, their telephone switchboard, and fire alarm system. 3

The Act of Consolidation of State Departments (Chapter 350 of the Acts of 1919) moved the Board of Free Public Library Commissioners within the Department of Education. The DOE was one of 16 new consolidated state government departments created at this time.

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Spanish Sahara becomes known as Western Sahara.
Spain and Portugal were slower to unwind their dominions. The most notable of those, East Timor, suffered near genocidal violence when Indonesian forces took control from Portugal in 1975. After a bloody referendum in 1999, East Timor finally got its independence, but it remains impoverished and corrupt, largely because of this damaging process.

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World War II
(World War Two, WWII, Pearl Harbour, Midway, Barbarossa, Russia, Berlin)
The Spanish Civil War
(Keyword: Spanish Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion)

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1934 May 15, US Dept. of Justice offered $25,000 reward for John Dillinger, dead or alive.

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