sep 23 end of world

A VERSE in the Bible proves that the end of the world is nigh on September 23, Christians have shockingly claimed.

sep 23 end of world

Sep 23 end of world
Christian numerologists claims the Bible numbers match with August 21, the date of the Great American Solar Eclipse, August 25 when Hurricane Harvey hit, and August 26, when it flooded Houston in Texas.
“25: There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’

Sep 23 end of world
The world failed to end on Saturday
Karina, referring to the 2012 Mayan-End-of-the-world prediction, added: “I can’t believe I survived the end of the world twice.”

Humans are currently setup to be the species most likely to be able to adapt to these changes, although an ecological collapse could certainly lead to famine, food and water shortages, violent conflicts and plenty of other human suffering and nastiness.
That end times scenario is also likely eons into the future, though. What about more near term threats we hear about, like climate change? A new mathematical model out just this week​ warns that carbon levels in the world’s oceans could rise to a point as soon as the year 2100 that it triggers a mass extinction event.

Meade’s prediction is the latest spin on the Nibiru conspiracy theory, with roots dating back to the 1970s. Originally, this rogue planet was supposed to collide with Earth in 2003. However, an uncooperative cosmos forced conspiracy theorists to reschedule for 2012. (See artists’ miniature models imagine a world without humans.)
PUBLISHED September 19, 2017

Sep 23 end of world
THE end of the world as we know it could be imminent as conspiracy theorists claim a mysterious planet will collide with Earth TODAY.
On August 21, 2017, millions of Americans saw one of nature’s most astonishing sights — a total eclipse of the Sun.