how many terminator timelines are there

The timeline, or continuity, in the Terminator universe is greatly complicated by time travelling mission as many events have been altered as to when, and/or how they happened, such as the creation of Skynet, as well as Judgment Day. There has also been a series of events that have been undone…

how many terminator timelines are there

The theory of alternate timeline has been applied to various Terminator fictions, including Terminator 2: The New John Connor Chronicles, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Terminator Genisys. The basis of the theory is that if a character traveled back chronologically, a new, alternate timeline will be created. However, there are two major variations:
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How many terminator timelines are there
However, as soon as Kyle arrives in 1984, it’s clear that everything is different. Turns out there was another T-800 sent back in time (by the Resistance? If so, when? After they win the battle in the time-machine room? If so, WHY? Ah forget it). This was when Sarah was nine years old, and it prepared her for the fight to come.
End of timeline. (Probably – Dark Fate has only made $123m worldwide at the time of writing.)

T he timeline of the Terminator franchise has never been easy to digest. In the first movie, released in 1984, Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) travels back in time to protect Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) from a Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Kyle tells Sarah that whatever actions they take in the present can change the future from which Kyle hails.
Sarah assumes that Grace has been sent back in time to protect Dani because Dani will eventually give birth to a man who will lead the resistance. But Grace eventually reveals that it is Dani who leads the resistance. In fact, Dani saves Grace as a child and becomes her surrogate mother. She also rallies humans to fight the robots. In the future, Grace, thankful to Dani for saving her life, volunteers to be augmented and sent back in time to protect Dani.

How many terminator timelines are there
Ok, so Terminator 3 ends with Judgment Day finally happening, and John and Kate effectively watching the world end from the safety of her dad’s nuclear bunker. This more or less leads directly into the events of Terminator Salvation, which takes place 13 years later, in 2018. John and Kate are leaders of the human resistance battling Skynet, which is now trying to kill Kyle Reese in the war-torn present, before John is able to send him back in time for the fuckadox. I know, it’s exhausting.
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How many terminator timelines are there
So boot up for the ultimate ride through the Terminator timeline – and remember, there is no fate but what they make… Warning: spoilers for every Terminator film including Dark Fate.
1985 (PRIME TIMELINE) – Future military hero John Connor is born on February 28 – and spends his life dealing with the impossible expectations placed on him by his mother.