how does bible history line up wtih world history events timeline

How can we reconcile the secular history of the world with what the Bible clearly teaches?

how does bible history line up wtih world history events timeline

These are just a few. The fact that these commonly shaped structures appeared in ancient civilizations is a confirmation they indeed came from a common design-the one at Babel. So logically, Egypt and these other ancient civilizations began after Babel.
This can be resolved easily. But for the sake of the readers, I am going to take this step-by-step to show how to analyze this type of argument and respond in the future.

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I looked at the Clarke Commentary which also said: “Ham was certainly the youngest of Noah’s sons”

How does bible history line up wtih world history events timeline
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How does bible history line up wtih world history events timeline
Holyoke , Edward. The Doctrine of Life, or, Of Mans Redemption, by the Seed of Eve, the Seed of Abraham, the Seed of David, &c. as it Was Taught in Severall Periods of Time, from Gen. 3.15. till Christ Came in the Flesh, to Fulfill all Typicall Prefigurations of him by His death : wherein also sundry other fundamentall points are discussed and cleared from some common mistakes : as Daniels chronologie of seventy sevens, which is cleared from the uncertainty which too many expositors have unadvisedly cast upon it : and about the Jewes calling, that it must not be understand of any return to Canaan, or of their restauration to a perspicuous common wealth any more, but of the calling of a remnant of them to the faith, in the countries where they live dispersed : and with the true nature of our Lords sufferings, with sundry other such like points, as may be seen in the table : propounded by way of question and answer, with annotations thereunto annexed : divided into three parts . London, 1658.
Cooper , Alexander. An Essay upon the Chronology of the World, from the Creation to the Birth of Christ : In Which The whole Chain of Time in that Period is made up and established upon Scripture Proofs. In a due Consistency with the Accounts of the most approved Authors. With a particular Explication of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks. Edinburgh, 1722.

How does bible history line up wtih world history events timeline
There are at least two different manuscript traditions for chapters 5 and 11. They each give different ages for some of the men when their descendants were born. The earlier Greek Old Testament (called the Septuagint) gives older ages for men at the births of their descendants. The later Hebrew text (called the Masoretic text) gives younger ages for the same men.
According to geologist Andrew Snelling, the Rocky Mountains began to build during the closing months of the Flood and continued growing during the era after the Flood. The result of their incredible rise was the formation of these amazingly huge bent rock strata at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. (Learn more from his article about it.)