historical events in hershey pennsylvania

Milton S. Hershey opened Hersheypark more then 100 years ago, where his employees could enjoy a pleasant environment for picnicking and boating.

historical events in hershey pennsylvania

In 1933, new Hershey Park attractions included The Bug, a fun house, The Mill Chute water flume ride, and the penny arcade. The Wild Cat roller coaster was renovated in 1935; its dips were built up and the curves more steeply banked.
Over the years, the quality of entertainment provided by Hersheypark has been compared to that of Broadway. Each year Hersheypark hosts auditions in various areas such as New York, Hershey, Boston, St. Louis, and Alabama in search of the best performers.

Historical events in hershey pennsylvania
The Hershey Industrial School opens with less than a dozen white orphan boys. Later renamed the Milton Hershey School, amendments to the deed of trust would later allow admission of girls and minorities.

Historical events in hershey pennsylvania
The 1.5 million dollar school for Milton Hershey’s orphan boys was completed in 1934. When the boys moved into the Senior High School, the classrooms on the second floor of the community building became available to accommodate a Junior College that would be tuition free for Derry Township residents. The move reflected Milton Hershey’s concern for the high school graduates who could not find employment during the stagnant economic era. In 1936, the Hershey Sports Arena, the largest span monolithic concrete structure in the United States had become a reality. It was built by Hershey’s labor force in a matter of eight months.
The depression years which threw the country in a state of decline proved to be a boon to the model town that seemed to lack for nothing. Milton S. Hershey decided it was time to build on an even more grandiose scale. He reportedly remarked “It’s now that a man with money should do something for the people.”

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Historical events in hershey pennsylvania
During the 1960s Hershey bought the manufacturer of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and two pasta businesses. In recognition of its diversification, the company was renamed Hershey Foods Corporation in 1968. Two notable changes came shortly afterward. After many decades at 5 cents, the price of the standard milk chocolate bar went up to 10 cents (bar size had diminished over the years). And in 1970 the company responded to increased competition—most notably from Mars, Inc.—by advertising to consumers for the first time.
Hershey had offered tours of its factory to the public since 1915. In 1973, however, the factory tours ended and Hershey’s Chocolate World, a kind of museum with interactive exhibits, opened as a replacement. (Additional Hershey’s Chocolate Worlds were later established in other cities.) During the 1980s the company purchased the American operations of Cadbury Schweppes, thereby becoming the manufacturer of Cadbury and Peter Paul products in the United States. Hershey made a major expansion into non-chocolate candies in 1996 when it acquired Leaf North America, owner of the Jolly Rancher and Payday brands. In 1998 the company sold off its pasta operations. Hershey Foods Corporation was renamed Hershey Company in 2005. In 2018 Hershey again branched out from candy with its acquisition of Amplify Snack Brands, maker of SkinnyPop popcorn. As a Hershey subsidiary, the brand acquired other healthy snack companies, including the maker of Pirate’s Booty baked puffs.