1967 events

1967 Prices including Wages, Houses and Gas, Toys, Fashions and Furniture, Events include Yom Kippur War, Race Riots US Cities, UK Pirate Radio Stations, First Super Bowl, Rolling Stone Magazine published, …

1967 events

1967 events
What happened in 1967 Major News Stories include Worlds First Heart Transplant, The first ATM, Monterey International Pop Music Festival, “Torrey Canyon” runs aground on rocks off Land’s End, Strikes by US teaching staff throughout country for pay increases, The first Super Bowl played between Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, Six Day War Arab Forces attack Israel beginning the Yom Kippur War

  • The Marine, etc., Broadcasting (Offences) Act came into effect outlawing the Pirate Radio Stations who had gained a massive following among the youth.

More Information and Timeline For Pirate Radio Stations
1. 1964 March 24th Radio Caroline is the first Pirate Radio Station that starts broadcasting from MV Caroline off the Essex coast
2. 1964 Radio London starts broadcasting from MV Galaxy off the Essex coast
2. 1964 Radio London starts broadcasting from MV Galaxy off the Essex coast
3. 1967 Prior to the introduction of the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act twenty-one pirate radio stations were broadcasting to an estimated daily audience of 10 to 15 million
4. 1967 The Marine Broadcasting Offences Act came into effect outlawing the Pirate Radio Stations
5. 1967 Following the popularity of the Pirate Radio Stations with British teens and no rock music offerings from the BBC they re-organized BBC Radio offering into BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3 and Radio 4.
Webmasters note, Many of the mostly popular DJ’s from the pirate radio stations joined the newly created BBC Radio 1 including Tony Blackburn, Emperor Rosko and Ed Stewart, The 1970s and 80s did see a resurgence of land based pirate radio and There are still more than 100 pirate radio stations operating in the UK mostly in inner city areas

1967 events
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Jan 10 17th NBA All-Star Game, Cow Palace, San Francisco, Ca: West beats East, 135-120; MVP: Rick Barry, SF Warriors, SF

1967 events
Residents watch as fire consumes a building on Detroit’s West Side during race riots in July of 1967. #
Policemen are shown among a crowd in Rome, Italy, on November 29, during protest against the war in Vietnam. Demonstrations culminated a 25-day pilgrimage from Milan to Rome, which was led by the socialist reformer Danilo Dolci. #

1967 Jun 5, Murderer Richard Speck (1941-1991) was sentenced to death in electric chair for the murder of 8 student nurses on July 14, 1966. The Illinois Supreme Court upheld his conviction and death sentence on November 22, 1968.
1967 Jun 5, The Six Day War erupted in the Middle East as Israel, convinced an Arab attack was imminent, raided Egyptian military targets. Syria, Jordan and Iraq entered the conflict. Jordan lost the West Bank, an area of 2,270 sq. miles. War broke out as Israel reacted to the removal of UN peace-keeping troops, Arab troop movements and the barring of Israeli ships in the Gulf of Aqaba. Israel destroyed EgyptпїЅs air force on the ground and knocked out the planes of Jordan, Iraq and Syria.
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1967 Board sailing was invented in Southern California.
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